Happy Birthday Title IX!

25 June 2015
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June 23rd marked the 43rd Anniversary of Title IX! We still have so far to go in making strides and upholding the intent of the law. We look forward to working this year to provide more change — change that needs to happen at the grassroots level, in every school district, at every college and university, in our judicial system, through better relationships with law enforcement, and through legislation–legislation including The Teach Safe Relationships Act.

We celebrate the purpose and the meaning of Title IX, in addition to serving our mission of helping train schools to have more than the minimum requirements under the law: we want to see “best” practices.

Today, on June 25, 2015, Jules Irvin-Rooney, J.D. will present to the National Campus Safety Forum #CSeventDC the presentation: Title IX and K-12 Schools: Understanding the Law & Implementing “Best Practices.” Jules’ session is following the Keynote address by Senator Claire McCaskill on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act. Additionally, following Jules will be a presentation from S. Daniel Carter, Director of 32 National Campus Safety Initiative VTV Family Outreach.

If you are unable to make this break-out session at the National Campus Safety Forum or you want to further your knowledge about the best practices, please contact us.

Together, we will fight school sexual misconduct and violence; and, by the time Title IX turns 43, substantial positive change will transpire!