Pertinent Information Regarding OCR Title IX Investigations for K-12

22 June 2015

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with Title IX at the K-12 level is that the media’s focus has been so much on Title IX complaints at the college level, almost forgetting that school sexual violence starts in the primary grades. Thus, new information about how OCR is looking into K-12 schools is helpful in those of us who are fighting to help these students, these schools, and these educators.

According to OCR:

Regarding Sexual Assault

“During FY 13–14, OCR resolved 90 Title IX investigations related to sexual violence at the K-12 and postsecondary levels, including 25 resulting in a resolution agreement. During these two years, OCR’s compliance reviews related to sexual violence made up 19% of the total number of compliance reviews; 9% of OCR’s complaints were Title IX sexual violence complaints.”

From the research we do here at Title IX and Clery Act Consulting, LLC these numbers are still low; however, we are pleased to be hearing news from OCR.

Regarding Sexual Harassment

“Bullying and harassment are harmful to students and the learning environment and are far too pervasive in our nation’s schools. OCR strives to protect students’ rights to learn in environments free from bullying and harassment. Title IX’s sex discrimination prohibition extends to claims of discriminatory bullying or harassment based on a student’s sex, including allegations of both opposite-sex and same- sex bullying or harassment, bullying or harassment based on students’ gender identity, and bullying or harassment based on a student’s failure to conform to traditional sex stereotypes.”

In FY 13–14, OCR received 854 complaints related to this issue.”

For the detailed report, please see Protecting Civil Rights, Advancing Equity.

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