Four Year Institutions

Four-year college and universities have become more and more the topic of conversation and the focus of the campus sexual violence issues. The Obama Administration has administered programs and awareness campaigns such as #ItsOnUs and Documentaries such as The Hunting Ground and It Happened Here have been screened by many groups throughout the nation and have helped fueled this discussion’s momentum.

The momentum cannot slow down. Campus sexual assault is not a new issue. It is not a new issue for K-12 students nor is it for those at four year college and university institutions. But we can work together to help–as educators, we are here to support you in learning more about campus sexual assault, about programs that proactively help reduce the numbers of students harassed and assaulted, about ways to try to identify hazing and intimate partner violence, and about how you can incorporate advocacy into your school and work.

We are here to support administration by providing experts for discussion panels and compliance reviews. We understand the need for Memorandums of Understanding between domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, SANE nursing facilities, helplines, law enforcement, and commonwealth or district attorneys. We can help educators have the support they need, the understanding they need about Title IX investigations, and the knowledge they need to fulfill obligations under the Campus SaVE regulkations and the Clery Act, as well as Title IX.

We are here to help with the July 1, 2015 Campus SaVe act that imposes a variety of obligations on colleges and universities. With our help, we will make sure that you effectively examine your existing policies, procedures, and practices and make the necessary changes to ensure compliance. The regulations are extensive, but the following are some of the key points with respect to policies, procedures and training.

Additionally, the Annual Security Report (ASR) under the Clery Act, due every year on October 1st is a compliance issue that we are trained to help you and your institution be compliant and effective. We are here to help you further understand the Clery Act and what exactly is being asked of each institution for the ASR.

Title IX and Clery Act Consulting supports lawyers and law firms working with educators as well as survivors on campus safety, sexual violence, or other gender based violence cases by providing expert consulting and legal advocacy. We also support advocacy groups, as well as non-profits fighting sexual violence.