K – 12

Bullying, hazing, sexual harassment, and sexual assault happen to even our youngest students–from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade students are vulnerable to these traumatic crimes.

Here at Title IX and Clery Act Consulting, we work to make sure that we know how school systems are handling these cases. We have worked to develop a set of “best practices” rather than “minimum guidelines” for K-12 schools. We fully comprehend that when we work with younger students that the information must be age-appropriate, but we also understand that discussions about “consent”, “healthy relationships”, “bullying”, and “respect” must be lessons.

We are here for students and parents to help them understand their rights, to help them learn more about the laws, to help them advocate, and to help them proactively stop these atrocities, and fight for appropriate reactive measures if something were to happen.

Title IX and Clery Act Consulting additionally supports law enforcement, lawyers. and law firms that work survivors (and their families) on campus safety, sexual violence, or other gender based violence cases by providing training and expert consulting.