teamJules Irvin-Rooney, J.D. is an educator, as well as an advocate, legal consultant, and legal analyst.

From her training as a teacher, she implements her teaching philosophy into her training sessions. She is skilled in training teachers, students, parents, staff, and administrators in Title IX, sexual assault, bullying and sexual harassment and assault, the Clery Act, and more.

All training sessions are up-to-date and individualized to the needs of the audience. While the material may be daunting, Ms. Irvin-Rooney is able to communicate it effectively and efficiently, allowing for participant involvement and interaction.

Ms. Irvin-Rooney is focused and determined to make huge changes in our fight against school sexual harassment and violence through K-12 Title IX trainings, community college trainings, and four year colleges and university trainings.

Just because school is currently out-of-session right now, Ms. Irvin-Rooney’s training schedule is not: the present is the time to start making changes in each and every school.

Please let us know if you would like to speak with Ms. Irvin-Rooney about her trainings!

Summer of 2015 she will be featured at:

Campus Safety National Forum – Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 12:30 speaking on: Title IX and K-12 schools: Understanding the Law and Implementing “Best Practices”

National Campus Violence Reduction Initiative: Campus SaVEty Forum – She is facilitating this conference on July 31, 2015 at Orange Coast College in California.

Stay-tuned for more appearances! As always, please contact us if you are interested in a speaking engagement or a media appearance, as well as working with us to fight school sexual violence!